This is a new theme in sepia colors. Very sober and nice looking, ideal for a business line Diamond, here comes a preview :


The top curtain and slide bar have been removed to offer sensation of a bigger workspace on the main screen.

To do :
Built the landscape mode.
Change color of the font from white to black in the sms tab

More sreenshots if you clic on more…

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  • Bart

    Wow, it looks great!
    Do you have any idea when it’s finished?

  • Everything is finish but it’s very hard to find time to finish the landscape mode

  • Bart

    Ah, okay. Well, I will patiently wait for it. Keep up the good work!

  • Bart, you can download it in here :

  • mca

    ArchY, I like your themes. Though:
    (1) I cannot change the wallpaper via the settings tab of TF3D; no browse window shows up. Is there a solution or workaround to fix it ( e.g. manually change it)?
    (2) Where can I get your no-nonsense clock used in both your themes?
    Keep up the nice work you provide! I will wait patiently for any future updates!

  • Mca, did you try to set the default wallpaper when you try to change it the first time ? You should answer yes to the question and then change the wallpaper to try to put the one I made.

  • mca

    …maybe my custom ROM v1.93 does not allow me to change it. Thanx for you reply, but it does not work. But your RedXen theme does ask me for the default option. After selecting the wallpaper this won’t either change the background.
    Best Regards,

  • Weird, can you tell us which version of manila you have ?

  • mca

    TouchFLO 3D 1.1.34569.0_2404.42

  • The version I have on my ROM is 1_1745.40 I don’t know which version is it… I use the Dutty’s ROM 3.4 : which is a very good rom

  • rab

    hi i have the htc touch hd and i wanted to know if the themes work with my device before i try it and if it does how do i do it. thanks

  • skeme

    cant wait till this theme is fully done with the landscaoe mode and black fonts on the sms tab..great work archy