My very first theme for Tf3d and my Diamond. It’s based on Verizon theme you can download it :

XenRed Download HERE

If you want the wallpaper, this is here :


Preview of Xen

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  • Milos

    Please, help me – how to set wallpaper for this theme?

  • ArchY


    you go in the settings tab and clic on wallpaper.

  • Nandi128


    Good Job, your theme is very beautiful. But just one question, it’s possible to have the same theme but with the original clock 24h ?

    Thanks in advance


  • I’ll try to make different one soon with normal clock as well

  • Nandi128

    Thank you very much, I love this theme but I prefer the original clock and if it’s possible, change the color of the calendar items in the home tab (it’s just a sugestion πŸ˜‰ )

    Many thanks for your job.

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  • Yashar

    Hi.I cant change wallpaper. I go to setting,wallpaper and choose my wallpaper. but it do not work. can you help me?
    I have a htc touch diamond.

  • Try this :
    Install the theme, accept the default wal paper, and the so it again and choose your own.

  • Screamin

    I love this theme, especially the landscape. Of course I have one question/request however. How can I change the VZAPPZone on the landscape Application Shortcuts, the shortcut does not work and I am not a VZ customer. Thanks for your help, I appreciate the work you do!

  • Aydin

    Really nicework! Best theme i seen. Its QVGA, works fine on my SE x1.
    But its to small. Can you make it for VGA, solution

  • Ty’Shaun Gomes

    I Have A Touch Pro And A Diamond But i Cannot Install This.

  • Kev

    How can I get the landscape view on my touch diamond? Thought it wasn’t possible on the home screen with tf3d?

  • rc

    Your landscape menu is so awesome. I was really disappointed at the landscape menu of my ATT Fuze(Touch Pro)

    I was wondering, could you also make a black version of the theme?

  • bpm2000

    pls make an original htc black tf3d theme with the landscape mode! looks awesome

  • strawhat

    like what bpm2000 said and maybe a blue one. looks awesome in any color

  • baltika09

    Love the theme. Very nice in landscape mode, is it possible to have translations of the landscape mode tabs into other language. My phone is in russian, TF3D is in russian in normal mode, when i switch to landscape mode it is English

  • Jack

    Is it possible to edit the mybutton in settings?

    If you have time please email me the reply πŸ˜€

    Love this theme

  • Darrell

    I have an Alltel touch pro, how do i get this program to work on my htc? I keep getting errors like, at f.m() at Diamond_tf3d_config.frmMain.v() at system.Windows.forms.form._set visible Notify(),,,,,and so on

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  • Anon

    Thanks for the skin! It looks great!

  • WhiteBlazer01

    Love the background!! How can I use the red Comm Manager theme with my current theme? Is there a .png file I can overwrite in the /Windows folder?

    I’m trying to find a red theme to match for the volume controls (like this).

  • Hello there! First off, I would like to compliment you on your implementation of the VZW TF3D Theme, esp on the XenRed Theme here… Absolutely amazing! Clean lines, very simplistic, looks great with colored Start Bar Icons, amazing!!! One question that I would like to ask though, is there any way to get a version of this that displays the top and bottom curtains as invisible (see throught, so the icons and VZW appear to float on the background), and also, is there any way to make the VZW Logo from the original VZW TF3D theme appear in the upper right corner again. You see, I am a VZW Touch Pro owner, and like this theme as a close replacement to the original, as it it cleaner, and I love the black on black top and bottom. But these two changes are the only two that I would absolutely love to see made. To make the curtains invisible, and make the top curtain show the VZW logo as in the original theme… If necessary, I can cap a screenshot from my device, and email it to you, just contact me at the email listed in my comment…


  • Hi all
    I will be able to answer all questions very soon, I’m still aboard and will be back the 12th of january in France.

  • I too think this is a fantastic theme with the landscape mode being an amazing accomplishment. I haven’t seen any other themes with that feature.

    However, like some of the others, I would prefer the flip clock. The black flip clock in particular looks REALLY good with this theme.

    Unfortunately, when you try to change to the flip clock using Manila Customizer, it kills the clock (0 00).

    So, one more vote for this theme with the flip clock (black if possible)!


  • speed3b

    On the Home screen the right button says, “My Applicatio…” Im assuming its suppose to say My Applications but it exceeds the number of characters allowed for that button. Is it possible to change that to say Programs or My Programs.

    Thanks!!! Everything looks great!

  • Serjio

    There is “Call History” in this theme?
    Sorry for my poor english.

  • 3d0

    Awesome theme dude!!
    I need only Call History tab… plz add πŸ™‚


  • Wow, what a bunch of comments… I cannot please everyone and the best way to answer all your request is everyone share what they have try to do and how. I cannot add everything for everyone

  • skeme

    great work archy..i personally think the theme is perfect as more no question is can we get this same version with the sepia color..thx in advance..keep up the great work

  • Indie

    Just a though, you may want to consider making the AM/PM indicators on the clock to white as well. With the backgrounds you provide, and with them being black, you can’t see them.

  • Extrapurifier

    Hi Archy,

    first I have to say thank you for both Themes you developed and build. They are a very nice alternative for the HTC black one. I installed both and use theme, i like them. You made my Touch Diamond day πŸ™‚

    Unfortunately I have a question which I dont know is maybe a little bit stupid πŸ™‚ I installed the Diamond TF3D Config tool (v0.6.0) and stored your two themes. It is also no problem to select and activate them.

    But how could I activate the Landscape mode? I selected the check box in “Diamond TF3D Config” Tool and activated Archie’s red Xen Theme. Please help πŸ™‚

  • Extrapurifier, to activate the landscape mode you just have to use a gravity tool you will find some on x-dev forums

  • Extrapurifier

    Hi Archy,

    thank you for your fast reply. Do you have a recommandation for a gravity tool?

  • tim

    dumb question here.. how do i install this theme

  • tim

    nevermind.. i got it to install .. πŸ™‚

  • Extrapurifier

    Hi Archy,

    thanks for your reply and recommandation. With Gyrator 2 the Landscape Mode works with few programs. Unfortunately not with your red Xen Theme.

    I installed it with Diamond TF3d Config, activated the manual screen rotation and started (before) the Gyrator 2.

    Where is my mistake?

  • You have to add manila.exe to the list of application

  • hilbert


    I have set up Gyrator 2 but if i turn to landscape mode he turns automatically back to portrait modus. So for a moment the screen turns to landscape modus but the theme doesn’t show the menu that should be visible with landscape modus. What should i do?

    Thanks in advance

  • tuzzy

    I dont get landscape mode to work right. I have a HTC Diamond with Gyrator 2 and enabled portrait for manilla. When I turn my device I get a f*cked up touch flow 3d. Does anyone know whats wrong?

  • Extrapurifier

    Unfotunately it will not work and I dont know why?

    I installed TF3D Config in Version 0.67. Within that tool I activated the screen rotation feature and Archy nice red Xen Theme.

    I also installed Gyrator 2 and added it into the start up folder of Windows Mobile. I also activated the rotation function within Gyrator 2 for each application and kind of windows, classes etc.

    After restarting the device the switch between portrait and landscape mode works fine but the red Xen theme doesnt look like the screenshots from Archy.

    It looks more like I do the screen rotation with the original HTC Touch Flo theme. It shows in landscape the same screen as in portrait mode but there is no slider at the bottom of the screen. Instead of that, on the right side of screen there is something like the slider buttons in red but irrecognisable. You can only see red and white pixels. By the way this looks like the landscape mode with the original HTC theme.

    I become desperate πŸ™

  • George

    Thnx for the app dude. Still, I have problem with changing the background on your themes. I’ve tried editing the reg like you said, but nothing happens. Also tried to innstall the theme, accept default background and then change background, but still nothing.. All I see is your grey background all the time. Any solutions yet? I see many people have the same problem in the forums. My rom is 1.93…. WWE.

  • What is the version of your manila ?

  • george

    Hey, my manila is 1.1.34569.0_1630.38. You think I should look for an update?

  • george

    Nevermind, I solved it. Just updated my ROM to 2.03, which included a newer manila as well. Background change works! Thanks again man, this theme is beautiful! Hope you’ll continue making great themes, Im waiting for your other Xen theme to be completed;)

  • james

    Hi everyone, IÒ€ℒm new to WM so please be gentle. I have a HTC Tytn II and I am trying to install this theme but I have no idea where to get started. Any Ideas?

  • ajay

    hey archy i juzz loved ur theme..can u plz tel me when are u putting more such themes along with landscape mode..?? bcoz i loved your theme and i am waiting for more and different themes..thanks 1ce again..keep adding such wonderful themes.

  • Hi Ajay,

    I’m sorry I cannot continue to provide new stuff about themes… I don’t have Pocket PC phone anymore…

  • ajay

    plzz but can you tell me the links or websites where i can find htc touch pro themes..where there is both portrait as well as landscape mode…dont tel me xda dev..cozz i hav searched over there..juzz like Xenred..where can i find such unique themes..plzz let me knw..wil b waiting for your reply!!!