This is a very short video to show basic installation of Citrix XenApp 5 (4.5) on Windows 2003, this is like ABC installation and you just need to prepare your serveur with terminal services in application mode and follow what’s in video :


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  • Kalidas


    I look into ur installation video for EdgeSight . It’s very useful 4 me.. tanx lot

  • You’re very welcome, I’m glad it brings some help 😉

  • Kalidas


    How can i downloads de video u have uploaded..

  • Kalidas

    Also,can u help to get Citrix presentation 4.0 or 4.5 for windows server 2003.I was unable to get from citrix website

  • Hi, if you need software release from Citrix, you just have to register you mycitrix account, and if you have trouble to download it, you can request a media through their website

  • kalidas

    Oh..sure i ll request..
    Then how can i download ur uploaded video..

  • here you go fot his one :

  • kalidas

    I have got this error..

    Not Found

    Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here. You can search again by using this form…

  • Click on the link bellow and then right clik on the link of the video and save as…

  • Deepti

    Hi ,

    Could you please provide the link again from where to download this video? Also , I need to give 1Y0-456 but do not have access to a proper lab . Can I get some good videos for the Access Gateway with AAC installation and Managing? I will be highly obliged.

    Thanks in Advance.

  • Deepti

    Hi ,

    Please respond!!! You are the only hope of help I have found!!

  • the link is above in the post

  • janey


    The vedio is very useful. But the link for downloading video is gone. Could you post again?


  • Janey,

    Done !

  • Hello,

    I have been trying (and failing) to install Citrix on a server I have spare to see whether or not to implement it instead of your current FAT client system at work.

    However, as I am using the one server for everything in the test (as only one is available), it is acting as DC, DNS, DHCP, Application Server, File Server, Citrix Licensing Server, Teminal Services Server, Terminal Services Licencing, Citrix Presentation server, IIS, Citrix Web Interface ad the list goes on.

    Do you need more than one server, and if not, please can I ask if you can answer me a question: I have installed everything from the download, but the last component left to install is Presentation server, what it does is gets all the way through installing, and then at 99% starts to roll back its actions, any Ideas – please feel free to email me, or reply here, I’ll check back soon :P.


  • Hi Leyton,

    I think the AD DC role is the problem, if you really need a test AD so you should install Citrix, then run your dcpromo an configure your AD, it should work this way.