There are many post around to tune Citrix XenApp in many ways and there are even more to tune Microsoft Windows 2008 R2.

I want to begin a new document as we had with Citrix Metaframe 1.8 tuning tips on Microsoft Windows NT4 TSE. This was a great document and very helpfull in many way.

If you have any ideas, agree on what I will write or disagree, I take everything to form a big document available online for everyone.

First I would like to know if we should create a wiki-like to let everyone working on the document and add/change at will, what do you think ?

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If you choose other please add a comment bellow !

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  • Wiki would be great! cenral location on the web and easy to find and get to from anywhere.. great idea too.

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  • So I guess we will go for a wiki like, I try to find the best solution which integrate this website the most.

  • robin

    im looking forward to this…any idea when

  • Soon, I was just waiting to se if I will have some help, apparently the answer is no 🙂 so I will do it by myself, but as I’m a bit busy with work, it might take some time.