XenApp 4.5 / 5 unattended installation

· 1 min read

Unattended installation is very usefull in large XenApp farm, of course if you’re deploying one server per two month you might not be interessed by this process automation but this is always interresting to know this kind of tips. Scripts bellow are example I use every day in production to install servers, of course its needs to be change and adapt to your own settings and of course if you have some ideas to share, I take it !

This unattended example assume you have only one network card enable, a local XenApp source installation file and IP address type 192.168.3 / 192.168.10 / 192.168.200 / 10.113 / 10.112. This file allow to join an existing farm named CTX_TEST with a datastore hosted on a SQL server. Finally, you need to create one folder per farm inside your XenApp source folder if you are automating multi farm setup.