Citrix XenApp 6 TP : Many news 1/2

· 1 min read

The Citrix XenApp 6 Technical Preview is now available and works fine, even if there are some “bugs” I haven’t notice yet a BIG problem. Anyways, XenApp 6 is the most important component of this new release because it goes along with Microsoft Windows 2008 R2, but there are many other new stuff like WebInterface 5.3, Single Sign On 4.8, User Profile Manager 3, unified administration console (Yes !), Merchandising Server 1.2 and many other things Sridhar Mullapudi list in his post here : +SNEAK+PEEK+-+XenApp+for+Windows+Server+2008+R2

I will bring some lights about what you can find in the 2,5Gb iso file and compare what’s new and different with what we are use to administrating every day.

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