Receiver 2.0 for Iphone is available

· 1 min read

The new Iphone’s receiver version is available and there is a lot of interesting changes !

Self-Serve management
Users can now click on a link from an IT intranet site or email to auto-configure the required settings ( check out the built-in demo for an example )

A new Dazzle feature is included allowing users to select favorite apps , and for IT to feature recommended apps.

Improved User Experience
New gestures have been added to improve usability and navigate apps.

Significant improvement in connection and launch times.

Security enhancements
Support for Secure HDX/ICA 128 bit encryption
Password policy enabling IT to enforce password requirements.

2 Factor Authentication
Integrated support for SMS Passcode authentication allowing Text based One Time Passwords instead of Tokens.
RSA 2 Factor Token or Soft Token authentication ( available in 1.03 )

Multiple Accounts
Users can now access multiple accounts for farms with different credentials and configuration without re-entry.