XenDesktop 5.6 - Citrix Personal vDisk failed to start

· 1 min read

I updated last week my lab at home :

  • XenServer 6.0 to XenServer 6.0.2
  • Provisioning Services 6.0 to Provisioning Services 6.1
  • and XenDesktop 5.5 to XenDesktop 5.6

Everything went well for XenDesktop, update was smooth and VDA update was successful and simple as well. I did the setup of Personal vDisk successfully and it worked without doing anything specific. Then I wanted to built a new Windows 7 golden image to take a fresh start and install the less application possible, this is when I began to have an issue with Personal vDisk :

Startup failed

Personal vDisk failed to start because the snapshot inventory has not been updated. Update the inventory then try again.

Status code: 15

Error code: 0x0

Alright, I had a freshWindows 7 VM updated to the last Microsoft patches with Acrobat Reader installed, PVS Target Device, Citrix Profile Management, EdgeSight and XenTools… Every time I was creating a new vDisk using Imaging Wizard, the operation was successful but all the VMs I tried to launch after had this issue… I got the log files to try to understand what was wrong by clicking on the collect logs button : I got a zip file containing PvDSvc.log.txt, PvDWMI.log.txt and SysVol-lvmSupervisor.log, I will just past an excerpt here : (more…)