My XenServer lab has been updated / upgraded, XenDesktop is now 5.6, XenServer 6.0.2 and Provisioning Services is 6.1 now. I had one issue with this last one, I wasn’t able to create a new golden image for my brand new XenDesktop 5.6 setup…

I was able to create the new VHD through the PVS Wizard but once the VM rebooted the connection to the VHD wasn’t initialized… I knew it was a network issue but I had to remember a very old issue I had with PVS 4 or early 5…

First you need to uninstall XenTools and the PVS Target Device agent. Reboot and install XenTools.

After you have installed the XenTools and rebooted your Windows VM you need to do the following:

Type in a command prompt

set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1
Then type Start DEVMGMT.MSC,  click in the View menu, and then chose Show Hidden Devices. Expand the Network Adapters tree and right-click the dimmed network adapter, to uninstall it

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  • d0nut


    What if the target is a Win 2k8 R2 VM on ESXi 5? I am using vmxnet3 and there are no other hidden network devices to remove. Xentools does not apply here either. I can stream a vdisk (private or standard) to the target, but not able to boot up target using the local hard drive (i.e. i want to create a new master image)

  • Hi,

    Are you using PVS 6.1 ?


  • d0nut

    I am currently on 6.0, but the errors/symptoms are the same. I’m thinking of upgrading to 6.1 since that will eliminate many of the the extra hot fixes that was needed to be applied to the master target device.

  • I was sure about that.
    Hypervisor support for ESX 5.0.
    you can upgrade my friend 🙂


  • d0nut

    Thanks. Everything was working fine on ESX 4.1 till we moved to ESXi 5. It’s good to see that it is officially supported in the release notes.

  • Titus Zorg

    Thanks a lot. It’s help me.

  • damian12

    Hello , first of all thanks for al the advices (the one with adding a local storage helped me alot) .I dont know if it s the right topic but can i ask you ( I am a little new with xen ) , if i upgrade the xenserver do I lose anything (conf, Vm , etc ).How can i do that ?Thanks ..and sorry if I m not on the right topic .

  • Hi Damian,

    you’re not really in the right place but that’s ok 🙂
    if you upgrade your XenServer, you won’t lose VMs and settings, but you will lose everything you manually tune or change on your XenServer (Changes that aren’t support by Citrix)


  • damian12

    Thank you very much , and sorry for posting here .Do I lose the local storage atached later?

  • You local storage will be fine


  • damian12

    thank you