I installed one AD when Microsoft Windows Server 2012 was still in Release Candidate with the Datacenter edition, of course since few days my DC was rebooting every hour, the trial licence did expire few days ago.. So I had to install a new DC and promote it the transfer all FSMO roles from my “old” server to the new one.

First thing I had to do is to add this new server to the existing forest as a new domain controller :

2013-01-20_12-56-31 2013-01-20_12-56-48

2013-01-20_12-57-08 2013-01-20_12-57-32 (more…)

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  • Windows Server 2012 – Migrating FSMO Roles http://t.co/9mUBAmLK

  • Windows Server 2012 – Migrating FSMO Roles | http://t.co/HnThWAYX http://t.co/tdzhipwz

  • pierre

    Thanks !

  • Thanks !
    To verify this, go to DC1 (your new server) and type in cmd:
    # netdom query fsmo
    That’s it !

  • thank you.. btw if you replace the virtual network adapter then will the trial version automatically extend 180days.

  • Scottee

    If you type in an elevated command prompt the following:

    slmgr /rearm

    You can use the expired trial version 180 days again. 😉