Citrix CloudGateway 2.5 - MDX

· 1 min read

What about MDX ? I think this is smart move from Citrix who push toward managing Apps and native Apps deployed to the mobile devices instead of trying to fully manage the device itself. Now this technology is not mature yet and needs some time and improvement and each version is a giant step forward. I’m really looking forward what’s coming and soon be announced by Citrix.


  • Full support for both personal and corporate usage (BYOD)
    • Corporate apps and data secure even on employee-owned devices
    • New consumer-driven devices supported immediately
  • No risk of corporate data loss or compliance exceptions when:
    • Device is lost or stolen or employee leaves organization
    • Collaboration / file sharing apps used on the device
  • Governance is built-in
    • Policies can be updated on hundreds of apps with no requirement to change source code
  • No requirement for developers to change the way they develop apps or learn mobile security standards