Many time at many of my customer place I had to install WebInterface and bring high availability  for this front web. The first thing coming in my mind every time and the first question I have is : “Ok, do you have an appliance (F5, NetScaler) to enable the load balancing ?” Most of the time it’s yes, but we cannot use it to load balance WebInterface…

So if you cannot use an application to load balance the WebInterface, the solution was to use what was build-in Microsoft Windows, the Network Load Balancing. Of course this is a dummy load balancing but it’s better than nothing.

The Micrsoft NLB runs as a Windows networking driver. Its operations are transparent to the TCP/IP networking stack.


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  • Unfortunately every once in a while you run into a customer who thinks he needs this. Luckily most of the times you can make them understand that when they already need a Citrix Access Gateway the switch to a NetScaler (VPX) is not that hard to convince them with.

  • Geoff Croxson

    Typo in your code block “Import-Mudule Servermanager”.

    Apart form that, thank you as a nice article and the same steps I took in setting this up. We have CAG VPX in fail over configuration and 2 WI as NLB setup.


  • Thank you Geoff, I made the correction.