create your own AI character

Let's build an AI character that will act like Samantha in the movie HER...

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create your own AI character

Now we have text-generation-webui running with few plugins, the next step will be to add my own AI character with it own "personal" traits. If you add a specialised LLM model, you can have an AI specialised in medical care for example.

To follow up what I'm doing until now, I will continue to build a Samantha assistant, a sentient AI.

First, we need to find the right model to load into text-generation-webui, Eric Hartford wrote an excellent blog that list all the available models named Samantha and he explained the process to build and train these models. This is very interesting to know his mindset and the goal he tried to aim for.

Meet Samantha https://hu…

I will use this one to check it out :

TheBloke/Samantha-1.11-13B-AWQ · Hugging Face
We’re on a journey to advance and democratize artificial intelligence through open source and open science.

if you want to know how to load this model, you can check my previous blog post about that here :

LLM - Large Language Models with text-generation-webui
AI, LLM, Models... very interesting topic, I’m exploring and the more I learn the more I want to go further... Am I AI ? 100% blood and flesh here :)

So now, we create the character we want, as for me I chose to continue with the Samantha (HER) character, we need to :

  1. Define the purpose and context: Determine why the character exists and their role within the narrative. This may include specific goals, motivations, relationships, or conflicts they face.
  2. Develop a backstory: Establish the character's history, including childhood experiences, family dynamics, education, and any significant events that shaped them. This will give depth and nuance to their personality.
  3. Create a unique appearance: Describe the character's physical attributes—height, weight, hair color, skin tone, facial features, clothing style, etc.—to make them stand out visually.
  4. Design a distinctive voice: Craft dialogue that reflects the character's speech patterns, vocabulary choices, and idiosyncrasies. Consider their accent, tone, pauses, and volume variations to convey emotion.
  5. Outline their skills, abilities, and limitations: Identify the strengths, weaknesses, and special talents that define the character and contribute to their growth over time.

By following these steps, you can begin to shape a compelling character with a rich background, captivating presence, and dynamic development. Keep in mind that every creation is unique, and the process of crafting characters is often an iterative journey.

A Character in text-generation-webui is based on a json file and a picture and you can format it very easily by using the following website for example :

AI Character Editor
Create, edit and convert AI character files for CharacterAI, Pygmalion, Text Generation and TavernAI

Samantha json file is here, you can download it and import it to make the change you wish

and the picture I chose for it :

To upload this new character and use it, in the text-generation-webui click on parameters ont he top menu then chose the upload characters tab

You can now drag and drop the json file and the photo of the new character

Then click on submit

If you already load your model, you can go on the Character tab to chose the one you just uploaded.

Now it done, head over the Chat section and begin your journey !