Citrix Edgesight XenApp Agent 5.x doesn't start

· 1 min read

I have a new issue… I am updating all Edgesight XenApp agents to 5.2 and I have problem on only some servers. These servers have remapped drivers ( m: & n: ) and run Windows 2003 R2 Sp2. The installation is successful without any error but after a reboot the service doesn’t want to start with the message : “The Citrix System Monitoring Agent service on Local Computer started and the stopped…”


In Event Logs

Type: Error
Event Source: Citrix System Monitoring Agent
Event Category: None
Event ID: 34
Date: 16/10/2009
Time: 09:49:32
Computer: EMCXPA000
The Citrix System Monitoring Agent was unable to startup. Please consult the Sys_event_txt.txt agent log in your data directory for details.

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