This is a simple “how to” install Apple Mac OS Snow Leopard on a netbook Asus EEEPc 1000HE

What you need:

  1. EEEPC 1000HE
  2. A working Mac with SnowLeopard installed
  3. An external harddrive or USB key
  4. A Snow Leopard install DVD : only 29$


  1. Kexts from rcfa at
  2. NetbookInstaller at
  3. SuperDuper disk cloner at


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  • moldor

    Got everything onto the EeePC, when I run the Netbook Installer again it gets to “Installing Power Management Bundle” and the progress bar stops there. Hard drive light still flickers, but after 15 minutes no sign of it finishing.

    Also, in point 10, when you say “same installs” – do you mean those described in point 5 or point 6 ?


  • chris

    Mine did the same thing when I started Netbook Installer. Which options should be selected when I run it again?

  • moldor

    On the page where you downloaded NetbookInstaller there;s another program called NetbookBootMaker2 – I downloaded that, on the off-chance that it would do a better job and it appears to.

    I nuked my hard drive last night when installing a Leopard utility (changes the black Apple logo on the top menu bar to a striped one) and Finder now refuses to load, so I’m re-imaging it today (fortunately I have the image on a portable hard drive !!)

    Apart from that I’m happy with OS X on the 1000HE – next trick is to triple boot it (OS X, Windows 7 and Debian Linux), just as an experiment.

    I also have an old HP TC1100 Tablet PC that I’m going to try OS X on today – now THAT will piss a few people off if I can get it to work !!!

  • Well Done Moldor 🙂 and thx for the tip !

  • moldor

    I cannot get the NetbookInstaller to run without crashing – the NetBookBootMaker, on the other hard, works perfectly

  • Geoff

    Did you get wifi working?

  • moldor

    Using NetBookBootMaker everything works perfectly – wifi, bluetooth, webcam, ethernet, sd card – the lot.

    Unfortunately my wife has put a small but significantly deep scratch on the screen with a pair of scissors (threw them to me rather than handing them !), so I’m up for a new screen if it annoys me too much – and it does !

  • wow, Moldor, you have a dangerous life in front of your computer 🙂

  • moldor

    Yeah – well, I asked her to throw them to me, expecting them to land on the coffee table next to me, but she tried to land them in my lap. They bounced, and ….

    Interesting part is the guys I bought the 1000HE from will sell me a new screen for $144AUD delivered, but ASUS want $350AUD for the same screen – when I asked why they said “we won’t sell you the part, we have to install it”. When I queried $200 in labor to install it, they said “well, that’s what we charge – you can always do it yourself and void your warranty”

    Beginning to wish I’d bought an HP now.

  • ashley

    thank you so much for this help page… i have been wanting to do this for ages. I worked for me and now I am enjoying snow leopard yery much. I do however hope you can furnish me with a few answers to some questions I have.
    1. my camera works as does the sd, but i cant get the bluetooth to activate? any ideas?
    2. is there any document that i can use to see what keys on the keyboard no longer work.
    3. is there anything else i should know about the limitations of this hakintosh?


  • moldor

    Ashley, if you followed the howto exactly (substituting NetBookBootMaker for NetbookInstaller) bluetooth should just work.

    WHat happens when you try to activate it ?

  • ashley

    thanks for reply. i am able to detect bluetooth devices, i can “pair” with them, but for some reason , i cant use them?

  • ashley

    could it be that i did this instal using a working mac pro without bluetooth installed, or wifi for that matter.???

  • Frank


    Points 6 and 7:

    (6) The files to be copied into /Extra — I did that using “Terminal” — logging in with sudo -s. But I see the ownership and permissions of these copied files in /Extra are NOT like the other files there ‘root’ but have my Apple username as owner. Is that a problem? If so, how do I otherwise do that? When I try going to root in “Terminal” by typing su – I am getting a password error…. not sure how that works.

    (7) In step 7, on the EeePC, with the external drive connected that has the MacOS install, I simply have no cluse HOW-TO boot from that external drive. My EeePC runs Windows 7.

    Can you give me some hints?


  • Hi Frank
    You have to enter the bios setup to change the boot order of your devices, and put your USB drive first.

    To access the bios you have to hit the F2 or Inser key at your computer boot.

  • Frank

    Okay, thanks Stephane.

    I did that, and the screen I get when rebooting is:

    boot0: GPT
    boot0: testing
    boot0: testing
    boot0: done
    boot1: /boot

    It hangs right there. Maybe because of what I mentioned above for point (7)?

    Also, I am NOT using a 1000HE but a brand new 1005HA-H (with 250 Gig HDD).

    What do you think?


  • moldor

    Hi Frank,

    I’d use the NetbookBootMaker program. That fixed a similar problem on my machine.


  • Frank

    Hi Mlder:

    I already used NetbookBootMaker (latest available version) — in step 5.


  • Frank

    I still think the problem is the way how I copied the files dsdt.aml, dsdt.dsl etc. to /Extra — and the ownership of these file (NOT root).
    How do you copy them?


  • moldor

    Frank – I’m reinstalling the OS now, so I’ll put up a modified list of instructions when I’m finished.

    One thing I did do, and always do, is to enable the ROOT user and copy the files to /Extra as root – it could be that which has screwed up your install.

  • Frank

    Hi Moldor:

    Just changed ownsership of the files installed into /Extra using the command:
    chown -R root:wheel

    But this made not any difference — getting the same error on my EeePC.

    Could it be the bios version of the EeePC or the fact that the EeePC is a 1005HA-H ?
    Or, maybe, that I upgraded the newly installed Snow Leopard on the external drive to 10.6.2 already?


  • moldor

    You can’t do the install from an external drive if you’ve upgraded to 10.6.2 – you have to use 10.6.1 or lower.

  • Frank

    Ahhhhhhh … okay. I will start over then.
    Is it possible to upgrade AFTER 10.6.0 was successfully installed, using “Software Update”?



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  • John

    Hi !

    Anyone has an idea why I can boot my EeePC with the created external HDD and the installed OSX there, but *not* see EeePC’s internal hard drive from “Disk Utility”??? I did two different installs of OSX — 10.5 and 106.1 — on two different external disks, both time the same. So I can’t format the internal drive and copy teh install over there. What could this be?


  • iStinkles

    My eee is at the gray screen with apple and loading circle. but it’s taking its time. should i just let it run, or did i do something wrong

  • Tees

    I was wondering: you mention the need for a Mac with Snow Leopard already installed. Would it also be possible to use a Mac with Leopard? Point is that I have a Mac at work, at which Leopard is installed and I don’t have admin rights, but would like to have Mac OS X on my Asus EEE.

  • I think it should do the trick, do you have access to the disk manager ?

  • Tees

    Thanks for the fast reply. I can access Disk Utility, and I’m also able to GUID format a USB drive. I’ll give it a try as soon as I’ve got the Snow Leopard install DVD (and post the result here)

  • ok, I think it should be fine 😉

  • Hello. thanks for this guide and thanks to all of you for the cooperation.
    I tried, not with netbookinstaller but with netbookbootmaker but i have nt’ arrive to the final target….the correct installation of the osx on my 1000he.
    So i want to ask to you if you can help me.
    I use a usb drive wd mybook. first i try to make the installation on the 1st partition that i have on it (in total i have 3 partitions on it)
    naturally GUID option
    make all the steps: netbookbootmaker, kext helper..etc..
    but when i connect the usb drive to my 1000he, boot with the ESC option, choose the correct usb external drive….
    i receive only this:
    :with blinking underscore……
    What do you think about this?
    i must use external usb drive with only one partition?
    i can try…but i want to ask one more thing:
    There are any way to make the installation on asus 1000he without loose my win xp asus maded?
    Can i install with your tutorial but make some dual boot?
    thanks for all

  • Christian Deiglmayr

    Hello, can I also start with OS X 10.6.3?
    Any changes in this case?

    Thank you


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  • Aidan

    If I Do This Is It Potable To Format The H.D.D And Install Windows 7?

  • Aidan,

    Yes i should be possible.

  • Ash

    nice – great distillation of an install method. I got a 1000HE off eBay yesterday lunchtime & by midnight had everything working except external display.

    Thanks to your method.

    Only problem is the fan noise, which sucks & may be inherent to some examples of this machine. Even with voodoopower kext – no joy. I may end up running linux on this machine as there are eee tools to manage the fan & CPU available on that platform.

    I have the Ralink wireless card – I was able to grab the 2860 driver from & it worked fine.

    The wifi app is weird compared to airport but was familiar to me from using a Belkin USB wifi dongle on my first Hackintosh (Dell D410).