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Project : Citrix XenServer @ home

22nd Dec 2009 : I needed  a XenServer at home to work on some project for my company (Activlan), I didn’t want a real server because it would be too noisy in my apartment 🙂 So I was looking for a silent computer and I made my choice with the elements bellow : Case :...

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Apple Snow Leopard on Asus EEEpc 1000HE

This is a simple “how to” install Apple Mac OS Snow Leopard on a netbook Asus EEEPc 1000HE What you need: EEEPC 1000HE A working Mac with SnowLeopard installed An external harddrive or USB key A Snow Leopard install DVD : only 29$ Downloads: Kexts from rcfa at NetbookInstaller at SuperDuper disk cloner at (more…)