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Here is my environment : Windows 2008 SP2 with MUI pack installed and Citrix XenApp 5 with latest hotfixes and Citrix Edgesight XenApp Agent 5.1 . I get this error when I open a console on the XenApp servers and it seems to popup in some user’s session…


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  • keegan

    This is probably caused by the edsgesight agent, try installing sp2 for the agent what solves issues with services that randomly are not starting

  • Hi Keegan,

    I already have plan to deploy the new Edgesight client version, so I’ll be careful and let you know if this resolve this issue.

    Thanx for the tip !

  • Stephen


    Could you please post a blog about your experiences with xenapp on top of Windows 2008 R1?
    How are you dealing with the situation that Citrix have all but totally abandoned the project alltogehter. What I learn is that Citrix is betting some on the R2, meanwhile going from bad to worse in the areas they adress.


  • Hi Stephen,

    What are the topics you want I try to cover, Architecture Design, Implementation, Technical Difficulties, bugs ?
    Tell me what you want to know and I’ll blog about that.

  • Keegan, you appear to be right ! I post an update to this blog 🙂 Thanx !