The new Online Plug-in is available for download in beta, this is the version 11.2. I had to install it just to check how it looks like :

Setup begin with this light windows to uninstall preivous version. It might take a while


Once uninstall is done, the installation begin


and this is the end


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  • After an installation on Windows 7 RTM with a clean install, everything is fine, I can swap between my Citrix’s desktop 🙂

  • Arildm

    working as a sys-admin and saw that citrix has updated their pages so i wanted to try this. Fired up my vmware and installed win7, and went into our CSG. But whatever i install of either 11.2 web or 11.2 full it just pops up with an error message.
    Since you guys said that this ran smoothly, i guess you have tried it local. Any tip for me on how to solve my problem?

    • Hi Arildm

      To help you we need to have more information, a bit about your setup, ssl or not, what is the error message you get and if possible some screenshot.

  • Kish

    I running 2 applications using citrix client web 32 ver 9.0 without any issues. One is published other one is webaccess. After installing latest citrix web plugin 11.2 only one application works other dont. I am getting I/O error(screen shot is attached) if i uninstall citrix and reinstall the older version it works fine. Can any one help me why this error.
    I cannot paste screen shot here here is error
    “Cannot connect to the citrix xen app server,
    An I/O (input output error) occured while your request was being processed”
    “try connecting again if you continue to receive this message contact your system administrator.”

  • Hi Kish,
    If you change your ica client from using http and tcp/ip protocol to use only tcp/ip protocol, do you still have the problem ?

  • Kish

    Yes, bothe worked using httsp(ver 11.2) but not working with tcp/ip same error.

  • disable the session reliability and check again