Can't update Bitcoin node in Umbrel

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Can't update Bitcoin node in Umbrel
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I'm hosting a $bitcoin node at home and I had an update noticed by Umbrel which is by the way the easiest way to install and self host a $bitcoin node.

I'm hosting my own node because :

  1. Preserving Decentralization: Bitcoin's core principle is decentralization. Hosting your node contributes to network security and censorship resistance.
  2. Trust in Transactions: Running your node means you can independently verify transactions, enhancing trust and reducing reliance on third parties.
  3. Privacy and Security: Gain more control over your financial data, safeguarding your privacy and security.
  4. Supporting the Network: By hosting a node, you actively participate in the network's resilience and stability, ensuring its strength.
  5. Educational Value: Hosting a node is an excellent way to learn about blockchain technology and deepen your understanding of cryptocurrencies.

Start hosting your Bitcoin node today to enjoy these benefits and play an active role in the cryptocurrency revolution even if hosting a node won't make you earn anything :)

Anyway the update to the version 25.1 of the Bitcoin node seemed to be stuck using the web application. Nothing happened even after a reboot.

the only solution I found in the end is to manually update the docker app using the following commands :

sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/app stop bitcoin
sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/app install bitcoin

And there you go, unstuck !

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