Application delivery method

· 1 min read

After many years going from a customer to another, speaking with people all around the world, I wanted to share my experience regarding application integration. This is not a new topic but there are so many way to deliver applications today it can become very messy very fast.

In a lot of companies I worked with, I had to face many different situations with different technologies and solutions. What I explain in this blog is just one way to get things done, maybe not the best one but I think this is the most efficient way to leverage Citrix / Microsoft solutions when it’s about application delivery. I made a simple diagram to materialize my though when I plan to integrate or migrate new application into a VDI environment.

When I write VDI, I mean : VDI = Virtual Desktops + Shared (Virtual) Desktops (SBC)

For example, when I need to free a XenDesktop golden image from all the applications installed over the years, I need to understand : (more…)