Web Interface, moving forward to Receiver Strorefront ?

· 1 min read

This is a new step in application and desktop delivery access point process but Citrix again made it very messy to understand (at least for me…) This is very important to know and understand every component of this new products, but between, Receiver Storefront, CloudGateway Express, CloudGateway Enterprise, AppController and all the past names, some of us can be lost, and our customer are even more lost… (nFuse, Web Interface  2 3 4 5 etc… and Receiver Storefront)

If I remember well, at Synergy in Barcelona last October, CloudGateway had been introduce by Citrix CEO with this slide :

Now when I read documentation about CloudGateway Express and Enterprise release, I think we lost something :

The data “square” (ShareFile & RingCube (?)) is gone for now… Anyway, with the previous picture you can have a clear view about each component present in Citrix CloudGateway.