2019 CTP

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2019 CTP

2019, my 7th year as a Citrix CTP [link] and still very proud to be part of this community to bring some help to Citrix and help our customer to get what they really need and understand what are the needs of companies across the globe.

Looking back on 2018, the last year might have not been my most active year as a CTP but still I manage to organise several French CUGC event across the country and I’ve been over active on the customer side helping them to solve new challenges, often with Citrix products. During last year, my company (Activlan) have been bought by Matilan.

Then I created my new company Raidho (www.raidho.fr) to continue to do what I love to do every day. New people are joining me in this new adventure and this is a new journey that begins.

I moved into a new house with my family and my 4th album have been released ! that was a busy year on all side !

Soon the Synergy will take place in Atlanta (USA) and that will be the time to meet all the new CTPs and all the community peps !

2019 is :
Citrix Synergy in May in Atlanta
E2Evc in Berlin
E2Evc in Lisboa
FCUGC in Paris and maybe somewhere else.

Until then, congratulations to all the new and renew CTPs and can’t wait to meet the whole community ! Rock on !