E2Evc Lisboa November 2019

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E2Evc Lisboa November 2019

One more time this event have been full of good stuff and I learned a lot going from a presentation to another and speaking with everyone. I noted few products that I want to explore a bit deeper and maybe write few blogs about it.


Hysolate splits your laptop into isolated operating systems to mirror your different personas. The Hysolate platform is securely built as a layer below the operating system, and offers air gapped virtual machines and a seamless and unrestricted user experience.

or XenClient next gen and far more advanced than what Citrix let down couple of years ago. This product is not meant to solve all the enterprises problem but can address some pain points.

This is a solution that allow to have locally (on the laptop / computer / endpoint) two (i don’t know if more is possible) different environments and using rules and policies to enforce security and communication between these.

Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop

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That was very hard to attend this E2E and not read hear about WVD… That was everywhere and in (almost) everyone’s mouth. Citrix should be worried not being present at this kind of event leave a whole space for ‘others” to fill in…

That with MSIx and WVD soon available on-prem (with AzureStack Hub) and some condition, that will become a first choice for many customers that need VDI / RDS workload.

Graphics GPU / vGPU

GPU is taking more and more importance in the VDI / RDSH world as Microsoft Windows continue to evolve and application are more and more graphic intensive. Intel, Nvidia and AMD are racing but each of them on a different level. I look like Nvidia eliminate all the other hardware vendor on the high end power graphic card.

GPUs are to take in consideration now with new RDSH / VDI with Windows 2019 and Windows 10 because the answer to the question ; “Why i do have less user on Windows 2019 than on Windows 2008R2?” is clear : Because your CPU is used and must handle graphic operations.


Parallels interested me as an outside perspective with their product RAS (Remote Application Server [link] ) in particular. I shared some through with them during their session and I’m looking forward to know more about this product and see how it fits in my company’s offering.

Of course their was a lot of fun between all these session and music as always 🙂