User Environment Manager Software vendors

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The following post does not reflect anything about Activlan business guide line, just my personal point of view because I need and I want to make things clear for everyone.

People who know me know I chose every technology because I need the best one, the one that fit to requirement, budget etc… Now I can hear from time to time rumours going on (it always does, and for everyone…) But this one is about me and my relationship with some software vendors, and more exactly User Environment software vendors… I had to deal with small, large and very large contract last couple of years and I had to choose the best technology regarding the project I was working on. I had to choose the best one, not because I have a friend in AppSense or RES or Norskale, but I had to choose the software that was simply the one that fitted the need at the project’s moment. I don’t need to justify any of these choices to YOU (UEM softwares vendors) I need to justify my technical choices to my customers.

Since few years, some people are rumouring I don’t like RES, I prefer AppSense… That’s not true, I chose one of them few times, if I will need to do it again, I will compare again to check which product will be the best for my project (This is simple but it still need to be explained)

Now since few month I can hear people rumouring and asking me why I don’t like Norskale… So again, when I will have a project which need a User Environment Manager software, I won’t handicap myself by not looking around what Norkskale have to offer !

UEM software vendors, you sell UEM softwares (I know not only but yeah…) All of you are in my company’s toolbox, in mine, I use my tool box and chose what tool will be the best to help me to build my projects, sometime this is one tool, sometime some other. I don’t understand why this software vendor war is still going on and why it needs to be so dirty and lame. Just do the best product the cheapest possible and I can assure you I will choose you. That’s the fuck it ! < means “simple as that” 🙂

For everyone who is use to read my blog, I think this is the first time I “complain” about something here, so I don’t think it will happen again 🙂 I don’t have that much time to post new stuff, I have a lot of blog I need to finish to write and read again before posting it. It will come very soon, all very hot and very cool blog post 🙂

Have a wonderful Christmas and cheers everyone !