The ideas Citrix should have

· 1 min read

This is the idea I have from time to time, and maybe Citrix are already on it, but I wanted to share this because you might want to add your own ideas to the list. Synergy in San Francisco is very soon, it might be the right time to come to some of the product managers and exchange about some of these items.

  • XenCenter Console for iPad (and iPhone ?)
  • XenCenter Console for Mac OSx
  • XenServer statistics in EdgeSight
  • Background customization back in the Citrix Receiver for iPad
  • Free move and placement of shortcuts back in the Citrix Receiver for iPad
  • Capacity and Power Management for vSphere and Hyper-V
  • Microsoft SQL 2008 R2 support for EdgeSight
  • XenClient support for MacBook hardware
  • XenDesktop Offline Desktop in XenClient

That’s it for today, but I’m sure I will have some more idea very soon… I’ll update this blog then.