Taking pics in extrem cold weather

· 1 min read

Here are some more cold weather photo tips.

1) Bring extra camera AND flash batteries. If you are going to photograph outside in the cold, your camera and flash will go through batteries at an astonishing rate. A battery that lasted all day in normal weather may wear down in a matter of minutes in the extreme cold.

2) Keep your spare camera batteries in your pockets, not in the camera bag. They will stay warmer there.

3) Keep cameras and flash units inside your coat when not in use. This will prolong the battery life.

4) Don’t bring the camera from extreme cold into a warm room. You will cause condensation on the lens or worse inside the camera and this can permanently damage both. Allow the camera to gradually warm up or put it in a tightly sealed plastic bag and allow the condensation to form on the bag, not the camera.

5) Make sure to dress warmly. Pay particular attention to keeping your hands, head and feet warm.

Cold weather photography can be particularly rewarding if you are prepared for it. But go out without extra batteries and you will have your day cut short every time.