Synergy Barcelona 2011 – Private Cloud 2/3

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Private Cloud

The gateway between Public Cloud and Private Cloud is an Unified Service Broker to allow access to Windows apps and desktops, web and mobile apps, SaaS apps, Corporate and cloud data, this broker is Citrix CloudGateway.

Citrix CloudGateway Enterprise for Windows apps @ desktops, Web, Saas & Data will be available at first and then Mobiles apps and 3rd party data will come soon. Citrix Cloud Gateway Express will be available for free for Windows apps & Desktops to replace the Citrix Web Interface. The upgrade from the Express edition to the Enterprise will be possible.

Then an App sandbox for mobile devices is shown to give the ability to secure applications and data on every mobile devices, while being able to control (Wipe, disable) from Citrix CloudGateway Enterprise Console.

Citrix XenDesktop 5.5 and Citrix XenApp 6.5 are pushed forward as a single product with the well know Flexcast model.

Citrix Personal vDisk technology (RingCube) is announce as well :

  • Personalized apps, data & prefs
  • Departmental & user installed apps
  • Single OS image management
  • Reduce storage by 65%
  • Personalized PC experience

Citrix announcement : Citrix Extends Desktop Virtualization Leadership with Acquisition of RingCube

The biggest release of HDX in Citrix history :

  • 2x number of users on existing WAN
  • Flash redirection 1000s of miles
  • Local scanning and printing 6x faster
  • Guaranteed Quality of Service
  • Real time voice and video

Windows 7 Experience for Citrix XenApp to make a server-hosted desktop personal to lower the cost and maximize the user experience. More information HERE

Texas Instrument and Ncomputing have been chosen to build chips with HDX inside, system-on-a-chip. Citrix goal here is to bring HDX to the maximum number of devices.

Citrix Receiver for Microsoft Windows 8 has been shown on stage with a nice Metro interface. Then Microsoft Windows 8 has been accessed remotely through HDX and XenDesktop with an impressive demo playing multi-gesture application using Metro framework.

The next and last part of this blog will be about the announcement made during Citrix Synergy about Public Cloud.

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