Synergy Barcelona 2011 - Personal Cloud 1/3

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Citrix again made several big announcement around the Cloud Technologies. I haven’t been able to fly to Barcelona this year to attend Synergy so I had to figure out how to know things without being able to go there. Citrix Synergy Live saved my Synergy 🙂

Part 1/3 Synergy Barcelona 2011 – Personal Cloud 1/3
Part 2/3 Synergy Barcelona 2011 – Private Cloud 2/3
Part 3/3 Synergy Barcelona 2011 – Public Cloud 3/3

Citrix Receiver is now compatible with 1.5 billion devices now, and there is a new version (5.0) for iPads and iPhone (iOS 5 compatibility)

  • 50% faster app launch
  • 40% less bandwidth
  • Multitasking
  • Native experience for keyboard and gesture

Citrix XenDesktop is the number one product to give access to desktop virtualization, after Citrix bought Kaviza, Citrix VDI-in-a-Box is now available for download here : Tech Preview (MyCitrix account required)

One of the very big announcement is about App-Dna acquisition, Citrix shows how much stay focus on the application will be the most important part in xVirtualization .

Citrix announcement : Citrix Accelerates Anytime, Anywhere Access with Acquisition of App-DNA

Netscaler SDX is announce to be able to contain 40 instances per box (40:1) with XenServer 6 inside

Citrix XenServer 6 has been announce as well will the following statement:

  • Enhanced SR-IOV for NetScaler SDX
  • HDX 3Pro optimizations for XenDesktop
  • Microsoft System Center Integration

Citrix partnership with Cisco is extended to another level

  • New multi-year strategic alliance
  • Focused on innovation from desktop to cloud
  • First delivery from new alliance – optimizing the Cisco network for Citrix HDX
  • New Cisco endpoints with embedded Receiver

Mark Templeton leverages consumerization with BYO-3 (3 devices per user), Post-PC, Three-PC (Personal Cloud, Private Cloud and Public Cloud) moving from PC-era to Cloud-era. He also spoke about TCO / TVO (same as in Synergy San Francisco)

Then Mark T. spoke about data, apps, preferences, location, devices and friends and give a seamless access and define it >> mobile workstyle.

Personal Cloud

ShareFile is a new product introduce by Citrix to being able to share files while keeping security and confidentiality. It look like a Microsoft Outlook plugin and a desktop widget, iPad application (Windows, Mac and Linux) seeing the demo, it look like a more visual-user-friendly Dropbox with a completely customizable web interface for everyone.

  • Send, request & share files within Microsoft Outlook
  • Mobile – your data from all your devices
  • Desktop widget & sync tools
  • File encryption – at rest and in transit
  • Versioning & comment tracking
  • File activity alerts & notifications
  • Remote wipe & account locking

Working with the data stored in your ShareFile within GoToMeeting will be soon possible with Workspaces for GoToMeeting.

Then about apps, Citrix Receiver with Follow-Me-Data has been announced to users being able to carry apps and data from a device to another. The demo shows the new Citrix Receiver GUI which is the same across devices, and a folder dropbox-like where you can store your documents to make it available across all devices. In addition the CloudGateway willl be able to bring single sign on to SaaS applications within Citrix Receiver with Follow-me-Data

Everything will be available Q4 this year in Technical Preview, and you can register here to be inform about the availability of this Tech. Prev.:

After all these announcements one piece was missing to brings this all together, ShareFile has been acquired by Citrix and Mark T. qualify the ShareFile and Follow-me-Data etc of an iCloud (Apple) for enterprise. Follow-Me Data Fabric has been announced as a framework /API to build and being able to put together all these services.

In the second part of this blog I will bring up and put the light on the announcement made regarding the Private Cloud

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