Today I got an annoying issue when I was trying to edit settings from a Virtual Machine. It happens after I converted a template to a VM to make to change but every time I tried to edit the VM I got this error message :

Error:The server fault ‘SystemError’ had no message.
Error Stack
Call “PropertyCollector.RetrieveContents” for object “propertyCollector” on vCenter Server “xxxxxxx.domain.local” failed.

Not very nice message and not very “understandable” for me… Anyway, I needed to edit these settings and to do so, you can follow the next steps.


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  • Medkorp

    Hi Steph!

    Well i have the same trouble when trying to migrate vmware Templates. In my case i have to convert the template to a vm first, and after do the same thing (remove / add from inventory)

  • Hi Mehdi,

    This is how I solve this issue and I’m describing how to in this blog. I think this issue occurred after the template have been moved to a new vSphere host with a newer vSphere version.


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  • Ammesiah

    I made a powercli module in order to avoid lost of custom fields when remove/add dealing with this issue :
    And the VMware KB dealing with this is :

  • Thx Fred !

    I modify the blog to add your links 😉


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  • Ammesiah

    You’re welcome :p
    BTW, happy new year pal !

  • Happy New Year 🙂

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