Citrix XenDesktop 7 - Installation

· 2 min read

XenDesktop 7 is now available with different features and entitlements (link) and yes there is a lot to read on this webpage but most of everything is already known features. So I will just write now what I read between the line :

  • No more Citrix Streaming Application (RIP) in favor of Microsoft APP-V
  • XenServer is now version 6.2 and Open Source ! 
  • Seamless Local Apps is now official and build-in.
  • PVS is version 7 now and MCS continue its evolution. (I’ll come back later on a blog post about that)
  • Edgesight is included in XenDesktop 7 (Another blog post subject)
  • Storefront is now version 2
  • Receiver for Windows is v4
  • Windows 8 and Windows 2012 supported
  • Many other changes I need to cover later on

Several editions are available today :


Now this is time to show you how the installation process, pretty straight forward as I already mention and this is for those who are curious about this new version and don’t have tie to POC it or try it right away.

2013-06-23_16-44-03 2013-04-24_17-54-34 2013-04-24_17-55-00 2013-04-24_17-55-29 2013-04-24_18-00-35 2013-04-24_18-00-58 (more…)