Citrix Storefront 2 (Preview) vs WebInterface

· 2 min read

A new version of Strorefront is coming along with XenDesktop 7. There are a lot of change in this version comparing to the previous one but first here is a quick internal architecture of Storefront Services :


What have changed with Storefront ?

  • No more external database
  • HTML5 Client improved
  • Desktop Appliance Site
  • Session pre-launch (for XenApp 6.5)
  • International language support
  • IPV6
  • Integrated smart card authentication
  • Auth SDK
  • Integrated with XenDesktop 7 Installer
  • Management from Desktop Studio

And after few week of test, I must admit this version is much faster then the 1.x versions. The fact Storefront doesn’t need a SQL database is a major point on the architecture point, high availability and management side.

Here is the installation step screenshots :

ScreenShot023 ScreenShot024

ScreenShot025 ScreenShot026

ScreenShot027 ScreenShot028

ScreenShot029  ScreenShot030

ScreenShot031 ScreenShot032

ScreenShot033 ScreenShot034

ScreenShot035 ScreenShot036

ScreenShot037 ScreenShot038

ScreenShot044 ScreenShot045



And an updated side by side comparison with Citrix WebInterface 5.4 :