Citrix - Project Alcatraz Technology Concept

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Warning : For those who download Alcatraz before the 2nd of December 2010, please update it, same link. An issue around leaking desktop handles is affecting v0.9.0.31, when you update it you should have v0.9.0.32

Citrix announced the 29th of November 2010 a new project code name “Alcatraz“, part of the project “San Francisco” and can be combine with project “GoldenGate” (Check the end of this blog for the Citrix links about each project). The idea is simple, how to add a “lock” layer to all the published applications accessed by mobile users, how to improve “security” if a device is stolen, lost etc ? Citrix Labs try to give an answer with this new project and I think this idea is very well found. Without modifying your existing Citrix (XenApp, WebInterface, CAG etc..) architecture you can provide another authentication level before launching an application with a PIN Code request (bellow screen shot from my iPhone)

To be clear, this is not a second factor authentication add-on / product for Access Gateway and Web Interface. This PIN code interface is load before the published application, once the user profile loaded.

It look neat, but how does it work ? (more…)