Citrix CTP 2017

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Citrix CTP 2017

My CTP got renewed this year, I feel honoured to be part of this 50 dudes (and dudettes:) ) group from all over the world. Every year the renewal process give us opportunity to think about our position on the industry world, it also give me to think about what can I bring to a software editor to make things better for my customers.
Sharing has always been my way to work with everyone, and I know for a fact, with time, the more you share, the more the people are willing to share back their own experience, and that’s a lot of fun, all over the world.

This year see 8 CTPs parting away from the group to allow 8 newbies among us, for the one that leaved I wish them the best for what’s coming and for the rookies, welcome and enjoy your stay as much as I will enjoy mine, be humble, respect the others and be true with yourself.

These are the five CTS’s attributes for Citrix, but for me it’s far more than that, it goes beyond Citrix, I am passionate by my job, and my job is to guide my customers IT infrastructure where it’s the best for their business and what they want to achieve.

More information on the Citrix CTP program : [link]