Citrix CloudGateway Express Tech. Preview

· 2 min read

Installing Citrix CloudGateway Express (Citrix Receiver StoreFront) was the easy part, setting it up wasn’t that hard. But being able to use it was a bit more tricky.

I tried to install it at first with a remote database, I encounter several issue and I’ve never been able to add application to the dashboard. I got this message every time :

The fact I tried to use and external database didn’t allow my Receiver Web dashboard to be saved, this is the reason why I got this error. I didn’t had time to troubleshot this issue, this is clearly a right issue between the server I chose to install Citrix CloudGateway Express and The server where my SQL database is hosted. So I installed Citrix ClouGateway Express with a local SQL database and everything went fine.

When I tried to add the store I just created on my workstation, I haven’t been able to do it unless I had a https URL, I got this pop-up message :

To be able to add http store URL, you need to change or create the following registry key (old Dazzle trick)

Name : AllowAddStore REG_SZ
Value : A