...As the Future Repeats Today

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...As the Future Repeats Today

2016 is over ! I won’t say this year was very exciting on the IT / Technical side… The was some announcement here and there but nothing very BIG, I mean seeing software vendor companies working together against others, changing licensing model and getting rid of a bunch of people is the usual of what’s happening to make more money with less investment and innovation.

The virtualization, RDS/VDI business is shifting more and more as the “Cloudification” is progressing.

Cloudification : The conversion and/or migration of data and application programs in order to make use of cloud computing

Of course, there will still remain legacy applications, no one knows anymore, not supported, no more developed and very often qualified as “crapplication” but still very sensitive and part of the core business applications. But these application will be hosted on legacy presentation layer to keep a “controlled and defined” execution environment. What is the point to keep this hosting infrastructure up to date if it’s working already ? Beside security updates, there is no need to add super top new features that no one needs and that might bring a lot of issue in the end.

During all these years, companies IT became more and more complicated, every software vendor claim to make it more simple (when I say every, this is really every single one of them) but the world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows… Most of the time, this is just another layer on top of all the mess that is already in place and that bring even more complexity.

The challenge for the next years ? Being able, as people that have a global vision, to make the simplicity real. Real means stop making money for making money but really getting rid of what’s not necessary and simplifying by leveraging what’s already existing and the most valuable part for companies, our brain and our knowledge by sharing our experience and what we know and learn during all these years in IT. This is where people will make the difference.

I wish you all, for you and your families the best for 2017, and I’m sure we will meet sometime around the world, somewhere for a beer 🙂