This one is near the same as XenRed but in Sepia tone without top and bottom curtain. It will feat your Diamond perfectly.

This is the v0.9 because there is still few things to finish, but so many people ask me this theme so I offer it and if you can help me to arrange or fix it, just share your tips, idead and suggestions in here or drop me a mail.

screenshot_18 screenshot_20 screenshot_28

Click on more to download XenSepia v0.9


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  • bozole_sk

    Thanks this is the most beautiful theme I’ve ever seen on HTC Touch Pro 😉

  • you’re welcome, I just add the wallpaper, so I hope you’ll like it 🙂

  • 12aon

    hey man I’m trying to separate the landscape from the rest of the theme, which I after a lot of trial and error now have done. Well sort of there are a lot of files in there not needed and there are still some files missing to complete the theme (eg slider and bottom bar). I uploaded it ( maybe you could have a look at it and give me few pointers, cheers 12

  • Cool, I check it today 🙂

    thx !

  • Bart

    Thanks a lot for sharing it with us. But it doesn’t work on my phone. I used TF3D Config and it installed fine, but it’s totally messed up when I start up my phone again. Background is almost the same colour the letters and the home screen has a black bar. Don’t know what causes these problems?

  • Bart,

    What is the model of your phone ?

  • Bart

    I don’t know anything about it, but I have a HTC Touch Diamond with ROM 1.37.404.3. Thanks!

  • 12aon

    Hey man any luck on the landscape theme? I got stuck since my old cab didn’t work on my new rom anymore. Would you mind sharing how you managed to get the landscape tabbed, I might try doing it myself. I’ll share my knowledge/result with you of course, 12

  • Great page, i have downloaded both Themes. Thanks mate!!!!

  • Tom

    How to install this on my HTC TyTN. Thanks

  • StyxOuZ

    That’s an amazing theme, really love it !!!

    Did u follow to improve this theme ?
    I really love it and it would be great if landscape will be available like ur XenRed landscape :p

    Keep up ur great works !

  • tedet

    I agree that the theme is great! Please push out VZ landscape support! I can’t take any more red.

  • skillz

    i think were all waiting for this theme to be fully completed..its hella nice and the colors are great..only thing i would add if possible would be background on all pages..keep up the great work..thx

  • Hillie

    Hi ,

    I have an question. How can i get the theme in landscape on my Htc Diamond?

    Thanks in advance,


  • This theme (XenSepia) doesn’t support landscape mode. Unfortunatly I don’t have enough time to continue this theme. I hope beeing able to do it soon but if someone wants to continue this work I have no problem with that as long as the result is share.

  • NICE!!! Now get that Landscape working 🙂

  • Patrice

    I, Love you theme.I don’t mide about the landscape mode but would realy enjoy having the sms tab having a black font color.
    Did you make the change ?

  • Hi Patrice, no I didn’t make the change because I don’t have any device to test the change anymore…