I move fast from the beta 1 to be back to a normal situation with Windows Mobile 6.1. But now the Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 Beta 2 is out, I couldn't resist and I had to install it on my Diamond HTC Touch. Here we go for some screenshots : As you can notice, it looks nice, it's stilla bit slow but smoother than the Beta 1 I tried before. If you want to try this new version just go in there : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=482878 Remember this is a beta release ! I'll post more information later.

This one is near the same as XenRed but in Sepia tone without top and bottom curtain. It will feat your Diamond perfectly. This is the v0.9 because there is still few things to finish, but so many people ask me this theme so I offer it and if you can help me to arrange or fix it, just share your tips, idead and suggestions in here or drop me a mail.    Click on more to download XenSepia v0.9 Here comes the link, but you have to remind : There is no landscape support (yet) Download : XenSepia v0.9 And the wallpaper :

I love my work (Citrix XenApp) and I like to play with my mobile device (HTC Diamond Touch) so when I can play with both of this two things it's coooool :) So today, this is just a short video to show how I connect to my company with my mobile phone, I will open a desktop on a XenApp server and even if the display is only 480*640 this is kinda usefull for common admin task. I connect on a Citrix XenApp 5 (4.5 on Windows 2003) through a Webinterface 5 with ssl. I have deploy the certificate on my mobile to be able to connect. Click on continue reading to watch the video [flash http://www.archy.net/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/remote-desktop-windows-mobile.swf]

This is a new theme in sepia colors. Very sober and nice looking, ideal for a business line Diamond, here comes a preview : The top curtain and slide bar have been removed to offer sensation of a bigger workspace on the main screen. To do : Built the landscape mode. Change color of the font from white to black in the sms tab More sreenshots if you clic on more...