XenServer 5.6 FP1 : File System on Control Domain Full

· 2 min read

The issue I describe in this blog are related to my XenServer, my lab at home, be very careful with the modification I explain if you plan to make this change in your own environment… As always, do it on a test environment before please !

Since last week and my XenServer @ home crash, I chose to install the latest XenServer version, 5.6 FP1 (more info here) to try out some new features like Intellicache / open vSwitch / VM Protection and Recovery and the self service portal. The installation was as smooth as usual, just one question more than the previous version about the installation of Intellicache.

I’ve been able to reinstall all my VMs, configure everything and check all these new features. The only issue was my file system was running out of space very very very quickly…

I didn’t understand why at first because I’m not that skilled with XenServer with command line stuff but I needed to find out what was happening.

The first place to check when something wrong is going on, are the log files, you can find XenServer logs files here : /var/log , and the size of my log files were huge ! in less than 24hour I had 3 rotations of log on kern.log and messages log files… To buy me some time and allow me to continue to connect to the XenServer with XenCenter, I made some change in the rotation log configuration file /etc/logrotate.conf :

# see "man logrotate" for details
# rotate log files when they are bigger than 1MB.
# logrotate is broken so it cannot parse the size parameter.
# however the default is "size 1M".
#size 1M
# keep 20MB of logfiles
rotate 5
# create new (empty) log files after rotating old ones
# uncomment this if you want your log files compressed
# RPM packages drop log rotation information into this directory
include /etc/logrotate.d
# no packages own wtmp -- we'll rotate them here
/var/log/wtmp {
    minsize 1M
    create 0664 root utmp
    rotate 1
# system-specific logs may be also be configured here.