[Actually it doesn’t work with Windows 7 RC1 build 7100 – You need to check commentaries to find out, or in here : http://www.archy.net/2009/05/14/vmware-workstation-nat-problem-on-windows-7-rc-build-7100/ ]

Vmware workstation 6.5.1 build-126130 can be installed on Microsoft Windows 7 beta without any problem. I was able to open all my VM but I had an issue with the network nat translation. All my VM didn’t had internet access through the host nat (Windows 7)

I searched a bit on internet and found several person who had the same issue and here come the work around :

1. Run the Virtual Network Editor as Administrator (Use RunAS or right click and Run as Administrator on vmnetcfg.exe)
2. Goto Host Virtual Adapters and remove all VMNet instances (VMNet1 and VMNet8 typically).
3. Click Apply.
4. Add New and Assign it the new adapter to VMnet1.
5. Click Apply.
6. Select the Host Virtual Networking tab.
7. Click the > next to VMnet1 and change the address and subnet to the ICS network ( /
8. Click Apply.


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  • I’ve tried this trick multiple times with no luck. My router is and I tried the settings listed above as well as adjusting them for what I think my own Gateway and DNS settings should be, with no luck. I’d appreciate any advice.

  • Hi Thew,
    I have add some screenshot of my configuration, I hope it will help you a bit.
    My network is

  • While I do appreciate the screenshots, I still cannot get my set-up to work properly. If you don’t mind me asking, what is your router’s IP address; is it Is that why you put for your subnet and for your gateway?

  • My router address is and my subnet is by default you should be able to make it work with yours

  • I guess where I’m confused is that I don’t know which settings to change for my own network. You used for the subnet, but wouldn’t I need to set it to since my router is and not 192.168.0.x?

  • Okay, I went back in and tried ALL of the original settings as listed in your guide, and it’s working now! The only difference is this time I’m using the OpenDNS addresses that were mentioned in the other topic; the one you reference above. Thank you for all of your help. 🙂

  • Cool 🙂 so now we are at least 3 to have VMware working on Windows 7 😉

  • mike

    i’ve done this and it was flaky for me. first I had to change my network to My gateway is, my wireless gateway (dlink dir-655) is, something like that anyway. Windows 7 insists to make it’s ICS gateway and ICS seems to not be able to be used without that address. Everything was set up according to instructions, making adjustments to addresses to match the network.

    It worked for a very very short time then stopped working all together. Removed everythign i’ve done, did it again, worked for 2 mins, then stopped working. Very odd. guest os can ping like mad, but that’s about it.

  • John

    I’ve done everything except I can’t figure out how to modify ICS to give VMWare access. How do you “Select VMNet1 as the network card that needs access.” One more screen shot and I think I’m home free.

  • Tell me what screenshot you need, I’ll post it asap

  • John

    ArchY — many thanks. I’m not exactly sure, but when I go to –> Local Area Connection –> General –> Properties –> Sharing, I have two check boxes, “Allow other network users to connect…” and “Allow other network users to control”, and a Settings button. When I click the Settings button, it brings up a drop down list, but VMWare isn’t an option.

    Am I doing this correctly?

  • John, I’ve added the screenshot, you can check it out.

  • Ash

    I wrestled with this thing for a while and finally got it. Every time I would enable ICS, I never got a drop down to select the connection. Well, I kept starting over with the directions and never got anywhere.

    I finally forced the DNS settings within the VM’s NIC to OpenDNS and got it running. So, again, this was within the network settings IN the actual running VM and not VMWare’s settings.

  • Hi Ash,
    it’s a bit weird because what I’ve done with VMWare works with all my VM, I just have to change the VM network configuration to “Host Only” and it works without changing anything else.

  • Petter

    It works!! Just had to enter static ip in ubuntu an then, viola! 7 hours of struggeling (and not googleing enough) finally paid of! Thanks a bunch!

  • Petter

    doh! Stopped working now actually… Tried kubuntu 8.10, entered static-ip and selected host-only and things were working out.. But after updateing networking’s just dead.. knetworkmanager says “Device eth0 status unmanaged”.. Like itäs not even trying!

    Maybe it would be easier to run an older, more stable ver.?

  • I don’t think running an older version will solve your problem, if you have try just let us know. But you really have to check all your settings again, since I’ve done all what is explain, all my old VM and all the new one are working fine.

  • Petter

    Hmm, seems to be be working now.. Dunno if i did more than:
    Specifying DNS
    Manually entering mac-address

    thx for your help 🙂

  • aquaworm

    Setting Network adapter to VMNet0 (from NAT) in VM settings forced network to work!
    I’m using Win7 host and XP guest on VMWare 6.5.1

  • pencilcheck

    It doesn’t work for wireless…
    For some reason it just can’t connect.

    But for some odd reason, I use bridge and it worked in lan…
    but not for wireless, bridge, NAT and host don’t work.

  • There is a new version of VMWare, http://www.vmware.com/download/ws 6.5.2, try it maybe it will solve all these issue.

  • the new version doesn’t make it work yet… I have reinstall my Windows 7 7077 and VMWare version 6.5.2 still doesn’t work

  • dipankar

    It worked for me thanks a tonne.I used it for windows server 2008 R2 with the same issue.

  • Yes this is teh same kernel with Windows 7.

  • liess

    It Works great Thanks. The only thing is that you need to do the same with every virtual machine you have. But It works fine.

  • liess

    i Did it on vmware 6.5.2

  • GeeK

    Good post – thanks! I was having NAT issues on my Win7 system and using ICS solved it. I manually changed the IP on my VMnet1 adapter after enabling ICS to match the IP scheme already assigned to my VMs (domain) and had no issue. Thanks again

  • hoody

    Excellent work! I was having the same problems as the others, followed your instructions exactly on my Windows 7 RC1 (build 7100) apart from changing 192.168.0.x to 192.168.137.x (new subnet for ICS in this build) and it works like a charm!

  • cool 🙂 glad to see this news help some of you, I need to update it znd refresh some informations with Windows 7 RC1 7100

  • Rikard

    Actually couldn’t get this to work on 7100, do i need to do something different? Thanks in advance

  • Dez

    Hi all,

    I managed to get my VM accessing the internet using bridged mode to my laptop’s wireless NIC. (Dell D1520 with Dell Wireless 1390 Mini Card). I am running W7-RC1.

    Initially I had the same issues as all of you but have now found a workaround which does not require any of the processes detailed on this web page.

    You simply (re)-install VMware Workstation 6.5.2 with all standard install options then change one setting using the Virtual Network Editor tool.

    1. Launch Virtual Network Editor
    2. Select Automatic Bridging tab
    3. Click ADD and add your WIRED ethernet card to the ‘Do not attempt to automatically bridge to the following adapters’ list.
    4. Click Apply.
    5. Select Bridge network mode for the VM
    6. Edit the VM NIC and configure a permanent IP address, subnet, default gateway and DNS address which matches the subnet/range used by your wireless router. DCHP may also work but I never tested it.

    (I think the problem was that VMware automatically bridged to the wired NIC whilst the active internet connection was actually on my laptop’s Wireless NIC.)

    Hope this helps and hope it works for some of you.


  • The article is usefull for me. I’ll be coming back to your blog.

  • Hi, interest post. I’ll write you later about few questions!

  • dave

    does this work on windows 7 7600 oem build?

  • yes I think, I just install Windows 7 RTM, I have to give a try

  • dave

    Hi Stephane, have you had a chance to try it?

  • this is resolved in 6.5.3 that was released Fri Aug 21st 2009

  • Paul

    Worked like a charm. Thanks a million. How do you(people like you) figure this stuff out? Great Work!!!!!

  • Chuck

    Version 6.5.3 VMWare workstations fixed this issue without using ICS on Windows 7 Enterprise.

    Upgrade today!!!! All I did was uninstall 6.5.2 and install 6.5.3. Woot.

  • Berti

    Dear Archy,

    I cannot select any adapter, any idea what I did wrong. great thanks for the workarround

    “20. Enable ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) on the W7 Host network card that provides connectivity. Select VMNet1 as the network card that needs access.

  • Jim

    thanks for this tutorial….
    i´ve tried other ones without success, but this worked perfectly for me…
    thanks man

  • Vick

    After tried several tutorials, this one is work for me!! Thanks. ^_^

  • josh

    try hitting restore system default in network configuration vmworkstation

  • Tyler

    Awesome worked for me! Took several tries though, for some reason VMWare kept remembering old settings. Had to wipe all adapters and settings, restart PC, and then set up from scratch and worked fine.