Vmware Workstation NAT problem on Windows 7 RC Build 7100

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For Windows 7 RTM (7600) go here :  

Vmware workstation 6.5.1 build-156735 can be installed on Microsoft Windows 7 RC Build 7100 without any problem. I was able to open all my VM but I had an issue with the network nat translation. All my VM didn’t had internet access through the host nat (Windows 7). Since the Windows 7 Beta Build 7057 a new network address has been used to establish communication between VMWare Workstation and Microsoft Windows 7 (

Here come a short article to help you to go through :

1. Run the Virtual Network Editor as Administrator (Use RunAS or right click and Run as Administrator on vmnetcfg.exe)
2. Goto Host Virtual Adapters and remove all VMNet instances (VMNet1 and VMNet8 typically).
3. Click Apply.
4. Add New and Assign it the new adapter to VMnet1.
5. Click Apply.
6. Select the Host Virtual Networking tab.
7. Click the > next to VMnet1 and change the address and subnet to the ICS network ( /
8. Click Apply.