Synergy : The Technology behind XenClient / Synchronizer for XenClient

· 1 min read

Citrix announce one fact : 72% of devices will be laptop.

Citrix XenClient is a type 1 hypervisor (bare metal) and can run in stand alone mode without the back end Citrix XenClient Synchronizer. This is build on the 64 bit open source technology used with XenServer and you can run multiple virtual desktops simultaneously. Different VMs are completely secure isolation from each other and are hardware independent VM. A named call Service VM Architecture has been develop for extensibility.

XenClient provide a good end user interaction and advanced security for your devices and you data. With centralized security policies you can for example allow one user to run a VM for 4 days in a offline mode and if the suer doesn’t connect on internet the VM will be shutdown until the user is able to connect and authenticate to request more time.

The XenClient SDK should be available in 2011 (more…)