This is another video, and this one is about XenServer 5. This installation is not very handy when you’re not familliar with linux / unix setup.

They key to use are simple, forget your mouse, and use Tab, Space, Arrows and Enter.

Edit 17 April 2009 : I’ve add the “normal” installation, and if you want to try to install Citrix XenServer 5 on a VMWare, you have to configure the CPU emulation this way :


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    I am happy that my videos can be serve everybody 😉

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  • Hi,

    Those are video I made myself and I still have plenty to do, your website is great too 🙂
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  • Well interesting video but it can works with S.O M$ Windows ????? for the microprocessor ???

    Thx !!!!

  • Sorry English O.S Windows can run in it ???

  • Yes of course, the video is a bit ‘old’ because this is an installation of XenServer on a ESX host.
    I will soon make a new one to show real installation.

  • *** Video update april 2009 ***