Netscaler : Invalid argument [ns] error while logon on UI (admin)

· 3 min read

When you did customize your Access Gateway theme, you might have this error trying to logon on the admin page of your Netscaler. No worries there is a simple solution to fix it. Never the less, you need to remember to change your Access Gateway theme customization back to default prior performing a Netscaler upgrade.

2015-04-20_18-03-14So if you can’t login on your Netscaler to perform administrative task because of this error, here is how you need to proceed.

Open a ssh shell (using putty if you’re on a Windows machine) and go to the /nsconfig directrory

Once you’re in this directory, you simply need to edit the ns.conf file. I recommend you to make a copy before any change :

cp ns.conf


Now this file is save, we need to edit the ns.conf file and find a line containing -UITHEME CUSTOM string

vi ns.conf
set vpn parameter -proxy OFF -forceCleanup none -clientOptions all -clientConfiguration all -UITHEME CUSTOM


To be able to log on your Netscaler again, you need to remove the “-UITHEME CUSTOM” part.

to the the file, hit “:” then “wq”

When you’re done making this change, reboot the Netscaler


You’re all done. You’ll have access back to the admin UI.

You need to repeat the step you’ve alredy done to customize your Netscaler Access Gateway UI by following this blog for example