Citrix XenServer 5.6 Beta Project Midnight Ride

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Citrix XenServe 5.6 Beta1 is available to download and for free here :

This new version brings a lot of really important options I really needed to bring XenServer at my customer’s presentation and be able to use it with my XenApp and XenDesktop architectures. I mean, most of my customers, until now, prefer to pay choosing VMWare ESX or Sphere than Citrix XenServer and one of the main reason is about the granular role-based access controls option which simply doesn’t exist in the actual production version (XenServer 4, 5 and 5.5). This option is coming very late but is still welcome !

Citrix introduces this new version giving the following list of new features :

  • Granular Role-based Access Controls. Administrative users can be assigned one of several roles, which govern the actions they are able to complete from XenCenter and the command-line interface (CLI).
  • Administrative Logging and Audit. Administrative changes made from XenCenter or the CLI are logged and available in the Workload Reports in XenCenter.
  • Dynamic Memory Control. This feature can increase the density of virtual machines running on a host by reducing the memory footprint of existing virtual machines so that new ones can boot.
  • Enhanced VM Snapshots. It is now possible to create full VM snapshots including the disk and memory state.  Virtual machines can be easily rolled back to prior snapshot states with a “revert to snapshot” option.
  • Automated Workload Balancing & Power Management. Workload balancing (WLB) recommendations can be applied automatically without administrative intervention.  Power Management features include support for wake-on-LAN and vendor-specific implementations from HP, Dell, and others.
  • StorageLink Site Recovery. Enhanced integration with storage-level replication enables recovery of an entire virtual infrastructure at a secondary disaster recovery site.
  • Citrix License Server integration. Essentials for XenServer features are now activated using a license applied to a Citrix Licensing Server

The snapshot is really enhanced compare to the previous versions, this is what was missing with role-based access controls, this is small things but so important to all my customers, this is one of the first thing they wanted to see, snapshot management… Until now I was with my powershell scripts etc etc but it wasn’t very sexy to show…

Now it looks like that : (more…)