Update 2 is already here and is double size vompare to the first one, here is some more informations :

This update resolves the network connectivity issues that affected customers with both IPv4 and IPv6 network interfaces enabled who installed Update 1. This issue is described in XenServer 5.5 Update 1 Upgrade Causes Virtual Machines to Lose Network Connectivity.

Additional Changes in Update 2
Addressed an issue where the system was falsely reporting lost access to the HA metadata disk.
Fixed issues upgrading from XenServer 5.0 to the roll-up ISO for XenServer 5.5.
In addition, the XenServer 5.5 documentation was rereleased to coincide with Update 2. While the changes in the documentation are not significant, there are some differences between XenServer 5.5 and XenServer 5.5, Update 2.

You can download it here : http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX124027

You can download the updated ISO files here : http://downloadns.citrix.com.edgesuite.net/4701/XenServer-5.5.0-Update2-install-cd.iso

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  • Hey Stephane

    Installed Update 2 on my XenServer and now it doesnt boot up anymore.. Have you tested this update? Update 1 was workging fine.

    Not sure if i’ll be able to pick up any more info on this behaviour as this update is brand spanking new!

    Weirdo issue though.. Gets to the XenServer Boot Logo, and reboots the machine.

  • Hi Sylvester,

    I updated 2 of my XenServer and I didn’t had any issue so far.
    What is written on the scree, before it reboots ?

  • Alvise

    Same here. Installed yesterday the update; now the only thing I see before the machine reboots is the Xenserver boot logo. After that the machine reboots….

    HP Proliant 380

    There is a way to downgrade to the previous installation, without lose the vm?

  • Hi Alvise,

    do you know if your server has 3ware 9690 RAID controller ?

  • Alvise

    From what I read, I too think the problem could reside in the Raid controller. The Proliant has a HP Smart Array P400 Controller. For now the solution was a fallback kernel…not a brilliant solution, but almost a working one…:)