Citrix XenApp 6 TP : Many news 2/2

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Many new features have been updated with XenApp 6 Technical Preview (Project Parra), UPM, Merchandising Server, Single Sign On, SmartAuditor. I will show you in the post the main part (for me) User Profile Manager 3 Tech Prev, a bit about Merchandising Server 1.2 and Single Sign On 4.8.

User Profile Manager 3 Tech. Prev.

Here is a list of new featured inluded in this TP

  • Citrix streamed user profiles. With Citrix streamed user profiles, files and folders are synchronized on the local computer only when they are needed, which speeds up logon and logoff. (Registry entries are cached immediately.) This feature includes the following settings in the ADM file.
  • Cache entire profile. Profiles are synchronized locally after logon as a background system task, without any feedback to users.
  • Active profile write back. Files and folders (but not Registry entries) that are modified can be synchronized to the user store in the middle of a session, before logoff.
  • More supported operating systems. Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 are now supported.
  • Diagnostic enhancements. Administrators can now set the computers and groups to be monitored using the Diagnostic Facility in the Daily Management Console. They no longer have to configure logging in the ADM template and force a group policy update (that they may not have permissions for). In addition, new event log messages display the full path to the user store for each user logon.
  • For further deployment information, including how to add the ADM file in the download to Group Policy, see the installation topics in the Version 2.1 documentation.
  • Installation enhancements. Profile management checks for more errors during installation and, if they are encountered, writes messages to the event log. A new command-line switch installs Profile management without the .ini files that were previously used for configuration.

You can see bellow installation screenshots :