Citrix Synergy 2011 – San Francisco Day 2 & 3

· 1 min read

What’s nice when I’m here in United States, I can attend as many session as I want, i had yesterday a day full of session and today will be the same :

  • Is it really time to embrace BYO in the workplace? (GSL!)
  • VDI smackdown 2011 (GSL!)
  • Using Provisioning Services vs. XenDesktop 5 Machine Creation Services (GSL!)
  • Debating security in the cloud (GSL!)
  • Citrix Consulting and the CTPs square off on desktop virtualization (GSL!)
  • User environment smackdown 2011: workspace/environment/profile management and more (GSL!)
  • How to lie with POCs and cost models (GSL!)
  • Remoting protocols turned inside out: how graphics and media remoting really works (GSL!)
  • Automating XenServer installation and maintenance (GSL!)
  • MFCOM to PowerShell: how to make the transition (GSL!)

This is always very interesting to exchange about this themes, and very important to know how things are though and felt by the others.

Otherwise my overall impression on Citrix Synergy 2011 is foggy, I mean there wasn’t really the whole new product line update and majore change announce, just everything about the cloud. I took a pic in the exposition hall, it shows what Synergy was about during 5 days :

The announce around NetScaler (Cloud Products) have been the highlight of the whole event. Some XenServer here and there and some XenDesktop, a little bit of XenApp…

On the networking side, I met a lot of very nice people, people I’m use to share tweets, emails and blogs, this has been a very nice to meet all of them and exchange ideas and beers 🙂 See you all at the next event !

And a video from my dear friend David McGeough, you can follow his Synergy diary here : Blog for David McGeough