Citrix Storefront X1

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Storefront is evolving and Citrix is finaly out of the green bubble template with a soft and neat design for this Technology Preview. Storefront X1 (aka v2.7) Here is a short list of what Citrix envision for this and the upcoming release :

  • Centrally managed store branding of the app and desktop selection experience. Create branding once and deploy everywhere.
  • Consistent look and feel across devices and products.
  • Ease of future migration by separating Receivers from the end user app selection experience.
  • Unifies Receiver and Worx Home into a single client per OS platform.

You can grab your copy of Storefront X1 [here]

Read the Getting Started Guide [here]

The Admin Guide [here]

Forum for support and share your experience regarding this release [here]

For some of you who won’t have access or won’t have time to install and try it, here is a short snap of the installation, very similar to the Storefront 2.x

2015-03-04_16-11-05 2015-03-04_15-43-16


That’s it, nothing new here. I tried to update from a Storefront 2.6 and it wasn’t successful, RTFM as usual and you need to know a clean install is requiered. I just uninstalled Storefront 2.6 and install the X1 Technology Preview and it worked like a charm.

What new in the admin console :

2015-03-05_10-56-32 2015-03-05_10-56-46

2015-03-05_10-57-03 2015-03-05_10-57-22

2015-03-05_10-58-00 2015-03-05_10-59-17

You can set the Website Type you want to use for Storefront X1 web interface : Receiver X1 vs Receiver for Web – Classic

2015-03-05_11-01-40 2015-03-05_11-02-48

Customization is back throuigh the UI you can change the logo, background color of the header and font color. You’ll still have to go through the code for an heavier customization.

2015-03-05_11-03-26 2015-03-05_11-07-24

Categorizing application is possible now, and you will bring a focus on some application using keywords to group them and feature them on the Storefront X1.


My homelab has been upgraded with Strofront X1 and it works well with Netscaler 10.5, no issue so far.

That’s it for now and I think there will be a lot to cover on this topic.