Citrix ShareFile Tech. Prev, Follow me data

· 2 min read

Citrix released few days ago the first public technical preview for Citrix ShareFile part of the Follow me Data strategy announced by Citrix CEO during last Synergy in Barcelona. You can download Windows, Mac, Android and iOS clients and register here : link

Citrix acquired ShareFile last year in October 2011 (link) less than six months later we have a Technical Preview to check out.

What is Citrix ShareFile ?

This is an “add-on / plugin” for Citrix Receiver (iOS, Mac, Windows, Android) and it allows you to access, share centralized data and request files from all your devices. This is a “Dropbox like” but design to be enterprise ready. Citrix likes to compare ShareFile to Apple iCloud but it’s not so “iCloud” because you can control what you want to share, you can easily chose what needs to be “synchronized” across all your devices. With iCloud, I know all my music is in iMatch but I would have like to keep private some of it on my computer, now everything is somewhere in the Apple iCloud

  • Make common data services like search, share, sync, secure, authenticate, open and preview available to a wide range of applications, services and use cases through a set of open APIs.
  • Extend secure data sharing services to new and existing apps stored in public and private clouds and accessed from millions of different business and consumer devices.
  • Connect data seamlessly to the way people collaborate today, ensuring that the right documents and files are always accessible when needed, and always up to date. (more…)