I had to update a Windows 2003 – Citrix License Server at one customer place and I wasn’t ready for that… For the first time of my Citrix life I had to troubleshoot an upgrade process….

I have try to uninstall / install, update nothing allowed me to complete the installation of the Citrix License Server 11.10 on a Windows 2003 server… The installation was just stuck and never ended the installation process.

So I had to understand why this installation was stuck, in the event log I had this message :

“A provider, Citrix_GTLicensingProv, has been registered in the WMI namespace, RootCitrixLicensing, to use the LocalSystem account. This account is privileged and the provider may cause a security violation if it doe not correctly impersonate user requests.”


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  • apa1556

    Thanks heaps bud…. this stupid error ruined my entire day……. 🙁

  • Apa1556,

    Glad this blog help you out 🙂 even a bit too late 😉



  • Shishir

    Thanks a lot for sharing this … I had started to think I would not be able to get 11.10 on Server 2003 platform …

  • Brian

    Thank you for posting this. Because of you, I only wasted about an hour on this. Thanks!